A collection of some of my work

If you haven’t found an example that has satisfied your curiosity, drop me a line over here and I’ll see if I’ve got anything I haven’t put up here yet!

Below are a couple of links to a few examples of my work.

I excel at level design, and I really enjoy creating realistic environments. With Tank Wars, I wanted to really show off what I could achieve with outdoor assets and I wanted to create a fun game with what I created. What’s more fun than one tank? Two tanks.

Check out my rigidbody based physics flight sim over here!

I can do photogrammetry and am familiar with Reality Capture. Check out my capture page here.

I have experience in Standard, High Definition and Universal Render Pipelines, and can create shaders and visual effects using both Shader Graph, Amplify Shader, and Visual Effects Graph.

I can code in C#, Python 3, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, and CSS, and have past experience in sound design, songwriting, score-writing and foley.

I am extremely comfortable with importing packages and using SDK’s in C#, and I’m very good with ProBuilder and ProGrids, Unity’s inbuilt mesh systems.

I have in-depth experience with Photon Engine too, specifically Photon Pun and their self hosted servers.

I am explosively fast at creating prototypes, and love rising to the thrill of a challenge.