Cannibal Rail

This was a game jam project for GMTK Game Jam 2021. The aim of the game is to collect wood to keep the train light alive; the brighter the train light, the weaker the enemies damage and the slower their speed is.

There was a team of 3 of us working over 48 hours. We utilised Plastic SCM for version control and project syncing. My main area of the project was map building, the render pipeline, UI, animation, gun systems and audio. I ended up taking over part of the enemy spawning system and AI pathfinding in the last few hours of the project.

Within them last few hours, I added a piece of the script that only uses the spawners at the village closest to the player. This improved performance significantly.

During the map-buiild process, I wrote a runtime instantiation script which was placed on a prefab that was placed around the map to create randomised desert plants to add to the seeming “wilderness” that is a desert.
One of the other members of the project then reused this script to create the floating, glowing wood stacks you can see in the video.

The sun rotates throughout the game and when the sun goes down the enemies get even tougher.

You can play it over at this link, but heads up, as it was a game jam, it is a bit buggy!

Sunset over the Wild West... This is a GIF, keep watching!