Web Development

Joseph Doran Music

The first website I ever built. This was made purely with WordPress and some plugins back in the beginning.

It was to be used for both my own music, and my Ed Sheeran tribute act which has since got its own website.

Now, there is custom CSS and JS on the site to customise it more to how I want it to look.

Epic Win

My first in-depth web development job. I built the theme, menu system and website pages from scratch with HTML, CSS and JavaScript from designs made by the teams graphic designer.

I used CSS to make the site layout responsive and JS to make complex parts of the site responsive.

An emphasis was placed on using no plugins or old code, so the site was made on vanilla JS.

I don’t own this website and it is a live test site. Some things may not appear as I originally designed them. Check the images below for some screenshots of the homepage.

Gazooky Studios

I did some freelance work on this site.
The main fixes were site performance and search engine optimisation.

I used HTML and CSS to create a custom header for the site as the original header was causing a massive delay in the site loading time. There was a JS code taking almost 3.7 seconds to execute on desktop before anything on the page was even loaded.

I created a video of a satellite orbiting the Earth for the client within Unity , as they were using space tech in their business. I’ve included the custom video below.

I embedded the video underneath the header text and awards to keep it similar to the original header.

The site now loads 5 times faster.

I also had to fix several elements of the site where responsiveness had broken and things that should have been displaying horizontally on desktop were displaying vertically as it would on a mobile device.

Shortly after, I was asked to migrate the site from EasySpace to Krystal.

Sorting certificates for HTTPS, making sure the site displayed correctly and fixing any errors that arose on the transfer.

That also included migrating the emails and setting the name servers and helping people through the process of changing their email settings.

Muster Genies

A recommendation from the Gazooky site, Muster Genies wasn’t displaying in Google Search results. After finding the problem with Google Search Console, I was asked to help optimise the SEO of the site.

After adding meta-tags and meta-descriptions, I rebuilt the “brands” section from pure HTML and CSS and embedded it within the page.

The section now contains outward links which open in new tabs to the pages of the various brands Muster Genies have worked and collaborated with in the past.

Below are a list of other sites I have worked on (either ones I have built or just done some light work to for someone else):

O’Neill Blends – Full site creation (Custom HTML, CSS and JS).

The Ed Sheeran Illusion – Full site (Custom HTML, CSS and JS and customised contact boxes).

Virtual Live Venue – (Complete site, still a work in progress)