The Mountains

This was the first map I made for the game, and it was used for prototyping the tank controls. It’s come a long way since then, when it was just a blank bumpy terrain. I’ve added lakes, rivers, caves, lava, trees, grass, ferns and rocks and plenty more to this scene to bring it to life and to get it as close to how I imagined it looking when I first thought up the game concept.
Along the map build process, I have had to use Occlusion Culling, as the maps assets were too instense for my system to get a decent frame rate. The culling worked well, improving the average frame rate up from 17-18fps (on the lowest graphics settings) up to 60-100fps (on the highest settings) on my system.

The lighting is Indirect with mixed directional lights, light probes within the caves (with plans to expand their use) and reflection probes over the lakes and rivers and in the cave with the waterfall.