Critical Error

This game was developed for GMTK Game Jam 2022. It fits the “Roll of the dice” theme with randomised ship breakdowns and randomised fix codes.

This was a team effort with Catherine O’Neill on level design and myself on game code. We built the game within 24 hours.

The randomised key’s are done by picking a random character from a string of acceptable characters and using a coroutine to wait until the key is pressed.

The spaceship controls are slightly modified version of the flight scripts I created.

The camera script is slightly different than in the flight simulator above, as it doesn’t always orientate to the up axis, because there is no up in space.

The aim of the game:

Fly your star ship against a fleet of enemy AI fightersand survive as long as possible.

Random ship breakdowns will occur and you have to fix them by pressing keys in order and complete the full key list.