Level Design


Tank Wars

Tank Wars is my biggest project I have done so far. It is a 4 a side multiplayer game built on Photon Pun.

My plans were to build several maps: a mountainous woodland, a forgotten desert temple and finally a jungle map (which I’m yet to do).

The mountain map has a lot of foliage and is very dense; this is so tanks can hide behind bushes to surprise attack enemy players.

There are several lava tunnels and caves under the map. My plans are to eventually expand these further but the original idea was to make the attackers unpredictable in their assault. Where there were only 3 tracks before (which defenders in teams of 4 could easily watch), now there are a potential 5 different paths for attackers to take.

Cannibal Rail

This was a 48 hour game jam (GMTK 2021) that I did with a few software engineer friends.

The aim of the game? You are being pursued by endless swarms of “cannibals” and have to keep the train light alive by collecting and depositing wood. The train light is linked to how fast and strong the enemies become.

I did majority of the map build and post processing. The world has several canyons, including deep ones that you can fall into and die in that seperate out the map.

Each town has it’s own layout and unique touch. There are four in total, and the cannibals spawn in whichever you are nearest. The towns hold the most wood.


More Examples?

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I’ve listed my biggest project builds here, but I have plenty more!